See what Learning Found looks like.

Skill and drill vs. informed debate

Watch what happens when a class is separated to experience two dramatically different lessons. One engaged in informed debate, the other using a skill-and-drill program. See how real students and teachers react as their lessons unfold.

“Connection is truly one of the most valuable things a classroom can have.”

​ After teachers and students experience the difference, they reflect on the importance of finding connection and sense of purpose in their lessons.


Teacher Perspective

High school English teacher Marc Cutillo describes the moment he knows when students find learning in the classroom. ​


Student Perspective

Community, connections and authenticity: hear what Learning Found means to a middle school student who participated in the exercise.

Leadership talks:

From Learning Science to Learning Reimagined

Newsela co-founder and Chief Academic Officer Dan Cogan-Drew sits down with Dr. Dana Bedden, Superintendent of Centennial School District in Bucks County, PA, to discuss the need to move away from terms like "learning loss" and “remediation”, focusing instead on student engagement and reimagining learning based on the science of motivation.

The best lessons start with the best content.

It’s time to choose growth over loss. Engagement over repetitive skills practice. It’s time to invest in helping students find learning.

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