Skill and drill is no substitute for powerful, engaging lessons.

The four walls of a classroom won’t be enough to re-engage your students. There is urgency to act, but we can’t let that urgency lure us to the quickest fix. Repetitive skills practice is only going to disengage students further. Your teachers need high-quality, high-interest content to build lessons that create connections, convey a sense of purpose and motivate students to learn.

How to find content that
accelerates learning

Choosing the right instructional materials is critical this year. Our back-to-school guide helps you ask the right questions as you’re making those decisions.


Discover common pitfalls in choosing instructional materials. Evaluate your content options along the most essential criteria. Ensure your learning recovery plan gives all students confidence and motivation to learn.

Compare Newsela to skill and drill programs

Solutions that break the teacher-led social classroom kill teacher morale and risk disengaging students further. Choose lessons built on authentic, real-world content that’s accessible to all learners and adapts as they build skills.

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The best lessons start with the best content.

It’s time to choose growth over loss. Engagement over repetitive skills practice. It’s time to invest in helping students find learning.

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