The best lessons start with the best content.

This back-to-school season marks the opportunity of a lifetime. Return with technology that helps teachers do what they do best. Content to help them build engaging lessons. Lessons that help kids find what matters most. Find knowledge. Find confidence. Find the value in school. Find themselves.

Learning Found moments in
real classrooms

Celebrating the lessons that connect us and help kids find what matters most.


High school English teacher Marc Cutillo describes the moment he knows when students find learning in the classroom. ​

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"My best lessons are ones that engage the learner and help them reflect who they are."

-Elizabeth, Teacher & Newsela Community Member

After a year of disruption, Oak Park plans to ease staff and students back into in-person learning through providing opportunities to connect over engaging and relevant instructional content.

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Student engagement leads to meaningful learning

The right tools help build engaging lessons.
How do you know they’re working?

Learning that connects, inspires, and accelerates happens when students are engaged. So we asked educators, “how do you know when a student is engaged in learning?” More than 700 responded, ranking their top signs of student engagement. Check out the top 3 signs and the many other ways teachers identified meaningful learning moments in their classrooms in our colorful infographic.

Learning Found with Newsela

Newsela delivers compelling content that is relevant, responsive, inclusive, and designed to build lessons that feed curiosity. To learn how Newsela can support your teachers at every step, watch our Learning Found webinar series.

Built to connect

Across subjects, choose content and instructional resources that support meaningful, teacher-led lessons that build connections and engage students.

​ It’s easy to spot when you have the wrong tools in place

Move forward with the tools that inspire great teaching and meaningful learning.


Foster connections, engagement,
and confidence.

Empower teachers to build high-impact, engaging lessons that advance rigorous instruction, with real-world content that’s aligned to standards, accessible to all students, and adapts as they build skills.


Risk demotivating students with repetitive skills practice.

We’re still uncovering the impacts of pandemic learning, but broad-based remediation is not the solution. Repetitive skills practice with lessons devoid of context for students is only going to disengage and demotivate them further. 53% of educators*​ say these tools are neutral or ineffective.

*EdWeek Research Center survey, April 2021

Now is the time​ to
reimagine learning

Learning is accelerated when students feel connected to the content.

“We need to look ahead, to a time when every piece of instructional content will be designed for inclusivity, accessibility, backed by the learning science of motivation and engagement, and available in every modality to the next generation of citizens,” says Newsela Chief Academic Officer Dan Cogan-Drew.

What educators are saying

We surveyed 790 teachers and leaders about their learning recovery plans. Here's where they stand.

The importance of student engagement


of educators reported that student engagement is important in addressing learning loss. Only 8%​ believe improved test scores are a sign of student engagement.*

The role of state assessments


of district leaders and principals say state assessments play a role in their approach to addressing learning loss. 51% say they would change their recovery plans if state assessments were waived.*

The outsized reliance on remediation tools


of district leaders and principals believe their reliance on remediation tools will be the same or higher in this upcoming school year.*

The perceived effectiveness of
remediation tools


of all educators think remediation tools are neutral or ineffective. While more than half​ of administrators say this approach is effective, less than 1 in 3 teachers​ agree.*

* EdWeek Research Center survey commissioned by Newsela, April 2021

Webinars to keep you focused on looking forward

Donec ​ congue leo eget malesuada.

Accelerating the student engagement flywheel

As we head back to school, how can we design learning environments that get students engaged? Turnaround for Children’s Dr. Pamela Cantor and Newsela Chief Academic Officer, Dan Cogan-Drew, explore the learning science behind student engagement.

Learning Found Webinar Series

Dive into Newsela’s recommendations for back-to-school plans in our new 4-part webinar series. We’ll cover thoughtfully assessing where students are, plans for acceleration, engagement, and meeting students’ social-emotional needs.

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Kimberly Cooper@kimberl02589158

My students have "found" learning this year through the exposure to online tools and platforms. Although we haven't been able to "cover" as much this year, learning has been about mastery and quality more so than quantity. #LearningFound

Tammy mcbean@themcbeans

My students found learning from educators who care enough to push through and teach students who have never used technology before like this. Our students also found learning from each other by teaching each other tips & tricks & working together virtually! #LearningFound

Amie Reed @pensivechatter

Students have found learning everywhere this year! They've had to work on problem-solving and their ability to work independently. Many of them are more confident in their abilities. ​ #LearningFound

The best lessons start with the best content.

It’s time to return to the schools we love, to lessons that feed curiosity and spark connection. It’s time to find learning everyone can celebrate.

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